Case Study – House boat rewire
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Case Study – House boat rewire

Case Study – House boat rewire

Wiring of sockets, lighting and power

This project was the first house boat rewire we had worked on, and brought up a few interesting challenges. The boat was in the process of having a total overhaul and had been totally stripped back leaving the hull, outer walls and floor when we started.

We installed a cable tray that ran around the perimeter of the hull, this was used to run the cables from the new distribution board located in the kitchen around the boat to the bathroom, bedrooms, office and living room via the hull.

The steel hull of the boat also had to be earthed as a safety precaution to prevent it becoming live should an electrical fault occur.

We also installed LED dimmable lighting in the bathroom, kitchen and living room and wired outside lighting to illuminate the front door, jetty and upstairs seating area.

We fitted LED strip lights in the hull controlled via 2 way switching, and installed a separate ring main for the sockets.

A heat alarm was fitted in the main living area linked through to a smoke alarm fitted in the hull.